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Welcome to Choosing the road less traveled for our lives and sharing it with you! Learn along with us as we abandon comfortable life in the suburbs in favor of life on a homestead.

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Do you ever just feel like life doesn’t slow down? That’s how I’ve felt since my last post. Sorry guys! Most of it hasn’t even been...

Berry Foraging

Happy Monday! For part of our homestead plans, I’m hoping we can eventually become self sufficient. Keeping that I’m mind, why wouldn’t...

Cutting Away to Find Beauty

Have you ever read (or watched) “The Secret Garden”? They cut back the overgrown weeds and trim the “dead” ornamentals to find that there...

Meet Max + Lean-To Clean-Up

Hey everyone. With the backyard fence being >95% done (just have to fix a spot next to the gate), we decided to go ahead and look for our...

Backyard Fencing (Part 1)

Hello all. Sorry it’s been awhile since writing. Things here have been a bit busy. Anyways, who prefers a fence in your backyard? Maybe...


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