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Remembering 9/11 and Two Down, One to Go

Hey all. It’s September already? And almost middle of September! Wow!

Well... I originally intended to write this post about one of our major demolition projects up to this point. Then I looked at the date on the calendar.

Do you remember where you were when the tragedies of 9/11 occurred in the US? I’m taken back to a classroom (actually not so far from me today- maybe 30 minutes away from our property). The classroom where I once studied history and literature. Where the TVs were rolled in for us to watch the news. Then after we watched it, we were given writing assignments asking us to tell how we felt and how we perceived what had just happened. I’ve been to NYC a few times. Seen the memorials... stayed in The Millenium Hotel that overlooks that place... thinking of the major renovations needed at that hotel after the events 18 years ago today. Crazy to think kids entering college know this only as history. Anyways... I know my thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones because of that day.

(March 2018 looking into NYC)

So, on to current events with us and our farm and home. Our first two major renovations for the farmhouse will be roof and foundation. We aren’t 100% sure what we will do with the roof- long term we are thinking metal but we may just shingle over to save us some cash for now while we complete the other projects. To be able to redo the foundation, we have to remove the chimneys- there are 3. One from the back in the kitchen where the furnace was and two others that are double fireplaces previously serving (3) bedrooms and living room. My FiL graciously came by (as he often does when we need assistance) and helped with his bucket truck.

(Dan removing one of the chimneys with his Dad’s help)

Now we have two of the chimneys (exterior and interior) removed and have one to go. It’s been an interesting process. We realized that at least one of the chimneys (the one between front bedroom/future library and living room) had a neat curve down the center dividing the fireplaces and the chimney so it could be utilized as an actual fireplace on either side. We are trying to decide if we will rebuild them that way or just rebuild the fireplaces and do modern stacks. Of course we will let you guys in on it and take any tips into consideration that anyone wants to share as time gets closer to rebuilding them.

(Living Room: before, during, and after removing the fireplace)

(August 2019- Curve in the fireplace servicing the living room and the front bedroom/future library)

(August 2019- Upstairs from girls’ future room looking into G’s future room)

Be sure to stay tuned for more on the renovation. Psst- the kitchen looks a LOT different. Will also share other on one of the struggles of a large, strong-willed puppy.

Out for now,


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