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Meet Max + Lean-To Clean-Up

Hey everyone. With the backyard fence being >95% done (just have to fix a spot next to the gate), we decided to go ahead and look for our K9 family member.

Meet Max. He’ll be 8 wks old on Monday and is already 14.5 lbs. He’s a Great Pyrenees mix- both parents are Molosser breeds (large, working dogs) so we expect him to be 80+ pounds when full grown. We had considered a Great Pyrenees for a future LGD but are excited to have Max join our family as our family pet and grounds security 😂.

It’s been a bit busy here lately. Heavy storms every 2 weeks or so. One of those storms caused a large limb from one of the bigger trees to fall- damaging a lean-to which is attached to the old garage. We worked one weekend trying to clean that out; haven’t finished yet but we’ve got quite a bit of wood to become firewood, scrap metal, and a whole lot of junk haha. Once the backyard fence is officially complete, I’ll have Dan come back and do part 2 of 2 of the backyard fencing post so it’s more detailed to include a breakdown of supplies and pricing.

Hope each of you has a blessed weekend!


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