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Backyard Fencing (Part 1)

Hello all. Sorry it’s been awhile since writing. Things here have been a bit busy. Anyways, who prefers a fence in your backyard? Maybe for kid(s) and/or pet(s) to play safely? Perhaps to just keep your own space apart from your neighbors?

We have been trying to get a fence in for weeks. With the crazy weather, it kept getting delayed. At the end of December, we unfortunately lost our black lab to the road and the kids have wanted another pup. We all agreed not until we got a fence up. So, first we had to decide where to install and what type of fencing. We knew we wanted a fence that will be multi purpose for in the future (garden? small livestock?). We decided on wooden posts in the corners, t-posts along the perimeter, and woven wire field fencing. So this past weekend, we got most of the fence put up. Then I realized I hadn’t effectively communicated my research to Dan and we had installed the t-posts backwards 🤦‍♀️😂. Last night, those all got pulled out and installed correctly (did you know that there’s a fancy tool just for pulling those posts out of the ground? I didn’t until last night! Haha). Definitely got in my arms workout last night. Moral of the story- plan AND communicate all aspects of the plan to any parties involved in a project 😅- especially if one party isn’t always there working on it. Dan has done the majority of the fence (Thanks sweetheart!) with some help from his Dad to dig the holes for wooden posts- Thanks Bob! And help from me when I’m not in the middle of wrangling kids or cooking/cleaning. I am so happy with how the fence is coming along. Maybe we’ll be done this weekend! Once we are finished, I’ll try to have Dan write a post or do a video and going over the costs aspect of it.

So tell me- what is your favorite type of fencing? Picket? Split rail? Privacy? Welded wire? Woven wire? A combination? Something else that I’m forgetting? Or do you prefer no fence and just having the wide open space? Hope you each had a wonderful Easter weekend and that your week is off to a good start.



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Membro desconhecido
24 de abr. de 2019

Thanks Sapooh! We had a split rail with welded wire at our last house. This seemed to be the cheaper option and something good for future use as we couldn’t see having the welded wire for certain livestock. One downside of the woven wire is the holes get larger higher up on the fence and aren’t as small as welded wire (or chicken wire) at the bottom. So depending on what size animals you have in the fence, it may not be a good choice. There are other options such as chicken wire also. All depends on your budget and what use(s) you are wanting out of the fence :)


So it's kind of hard to say whaat my favorite is, because since living in my current home I have come to love the look of a split rail fence! And the one we have includes the wire on it, so perfect for keeping animals in (especially small animals). But I'm already thinking about if we will have some fencing at our new home and can't wait to hear about the cost. I'm assuming it might be less cost and we still definitely be interested in cost effective ways to do fencing, especially if it's a large area. I could definitely see us building something similar in our new place. It looks great!! :)

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