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Springtime Joy

What is joy?

According to Merriam-Webster, there are several definitions but we’ll use this one:

“to experience great pleasure or delight”. I can say that while today has had struggles (any surprise when there are 4 little personalities that have their own desires and wills?), I have joy today. Joy (like any emotion) may come and go but if its being used as a verb, it’s a choice.

Currently, I’m seeing our son blow bubbles, hearing our older girls laughter while they climb a tree, watching clothes on my (temporary) clothesline flap in then breeze, smelling cool + clean air, and feeling the warmth from the sun on my face. There are reasons I could feel stressed but not today. Today, I choose to have joy. To know we are entrusted with these little lives and are blessed with this property to raise them on makes me feel oh so grateful and how could I not “experience... delight”? I find my children often remind me to enjoy the little things. Sure, I’d love to sleep in or take a nap on occasion or enjoy my morning tea while it’s still hot but other moments like these beautiful spring days, I will let my kids remind me to choose joy.

Do you find joy in the small or simple things in life? If not, consider ways to do so. What brings you joy?

Until next time,


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