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Four Weeks Down- FINALLY!

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Have you ever had a cast? Dealt with a kid who had one? Those followers who don’t know us in real life aren't aware that our son broke the 2 bones in his right (dominant) forearm... just before his third birthday.

Dan jokes that he attempted to “Superman” off the trampoline. In reality, while we have a fairly safe trampoline (safety net around it), accidents can and do still happen. He went to get off of it and managed to trip over the mat that covers the springs- so he tried to catch himself to keep from face planting in the gravel (trampoline is next to driveway). The result was a buckle fracture of both the radius and ulna.

We are soooo thankful that in less than an hour drive, we have (multiple locations for) orthopedic urgent care as that was definitely a better option than going to the ER. Taming a wide eyed, country boy (who happens to have a broken arm) is quite the challenge. The PA we saw for our follow up reminded us fo try to help him slow down, no contact sports, no trampoline, etc. Oh and of course no water on the cast. The PA suggested we cut up an old tube sock to put over it when he’s playing outside to keep it clean. We tried that and it didn’t work very well. My friend Shanna over at Methodically Messy Motherhood had a fantastic suggestion of plastic wrap. I decided to try Press’n Seal® since we had that on hand. It worked AMAZINGLY well (when I remembered to put it on before he went outside 😆).

He had his cast taken off right are 4 weeks this past Monday. They did a repeat X-ray (sorry/ no pic of that one) and said he doesn’t even need the splint that they thought he'd need. Yay for the 3 year old being able to resume all normal activities- including normal bathing! Hooray!

So... do you have any stories of broken bone(s)? When I broke my right arm (I was around age 8), I enjoyed having everyone sign and draw on my cast- but G wouldn’t let anyone do that. I also enjoyed playing our original Nintendo since I was outside less, my Mom let me play more video games 😜.

Hope you have a beautiful day!


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