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First Farm Animals Coming Soon!

Hey all! In the midst of all this chaos of social distancing, we decided we were going to start acquiring animals for the farm. This year we wanted to start with dual-purpose chickens and feeder pigs and possibly ducks for layers. We originally were just going to buy chicks but I thought- “wouldn’t that be fun for the kids to help hatch some eggs?”

So, Tuesday night, I purchased a used incubator. It’s a pretty basic incubator but can hold up to 42 eggs! We are NOT starting with that many though 😅. The person I purchased from said they had hatched guineas, chickens, and turkeys.

Yesterday, I found someone local that offered hatching (AKA fertilized) eggs of some dual purpose birds. We currently have eggs on our table that are Black Australorp and Barred Rock. Yay! I’m so excited for the potential chicks to hatch- praying for good hatch rate! (For those unaware- hatch rate is just percentage that hatched vs how many you put into incubator)

Today, I cleaned the incubator and got it set up- still playing with the humidity as we want it a bit higher than its currently reading. Dan picked up 2 dozen fertilized eggs. We are hoping that we don't end up with all roosters 😂. The guy we purchased the eggs from suggested we put them in the incubator tomorrow morning. So here goes nothing! I will try my best to post periodic updates on what is happening with the eggs ☺️.

Have you ever raised any type of farm animal(s)? If so, I’d love to hear what you had! And if multiple animals, which one was your favorite!


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