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Do you ever desire something more?

More space? More time? More enjoyment and satisfaction? That’s where we were. A couple close to our 30s and we wanted more in life. We were tired of the “American Dream” and “Keeping up with the Jones’.” . Frustrated that we were constantly fighting the entertainment driven lifestyle of our current culture and the continuous debt/consumer mindset. There was a strong desire to instill values and education into our children. We began discussing frustrations, desires, and dreams.

One that kept coming back up- what about more space outside for our family? For us to learn how to homestead. For our kids to learn the direct value of how work puts food on the table. So here we are... a little over a year ago we brought up the idea to go in on some land with family and it wasn’t long before that happened. Then it was a mad rush (while I was chasing 3 youngsters and pregnant with #4) to get our house in the suburbs on the market and to get a place for us to live set up on the property.

I’m Jenn. I am almost 29, Christ follower, SAHM of 4, home educator, chief cook + bottle washer, lover of animals + people, learner/dreamer of all things homesteading, former nurse, (hopefully) future IBCLC, and Dan’s right hand for everything on our property. Born and raised in North Carolina. My parents actually moved me to a piece of property for farming when I was the same age as our eldest. We didn’t do that farming there long but were on the property for 10 years and I have fond memories from that. It was a bit different to work a commercial poultry farm though versus our plan of homesteading. Especially as we moved off that piece of land when I was a teenager and remember it was hard work but don’t remember many of the details. So I will be relearning what I did know. Ha!

Here at Five Points, I intend to learn more about gardening, livestock, and renovating our future home. Our future home is a beautiful 1922 farmhouse that is a bit rough around the edges and needs some major renovations. I also plan to share some of our day to day happenings with the family.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we learn how to start a farm and piece together our new home. Anything in particular that YOU are looking forward to in our process? If as excited about this as we are, feel free to share our blog so that others can also join us on the journey.




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