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Chore Charts

So sometimes in life, it’s easy to let things slide. But then someone ends up picking up the slack or the whole house (or project) gets gross (or delayed). Does anyone else have kids who have been reluctant to help pull their weight at times? This magnetic chore chart may not help with out of the home projects 😅 but my kids already seem to be enjoying it!

I found the inspiration on Pinterest. Thanks to Amy at My Name Is Snickerdoodle for the inspiration:

It is quite possible that I spent way too long putting them together but the kids are excited about chore charts now. They already love closing the tabs for when a chore is completed. Hopefully the chore charts last longer than a few days 😅. I printed off pictures on cardstock for the chores since 2 of the 3 older ones aren’t yet readers. For the backgrounds/ colored pages, I used card stock weight scrapbook paper (thank you Hobby Lobby). The magnet strip was also from Hobby Lobby- I cut strips off and laid them out flat on our deep freezer (magnetic) so that they would snap closed better versus trying to roll back up. I did have some leftover. I may try to make one for toddler also- undecided at this moment.

I also gave them a “Sassy Chores” list where they can pick an extra chore/consequence if we’re dealing with too much for bad attitudes. I have them all hung up in the kids hallway and used masking tape to hang them up so that hopefully it doesn’t mess up the wall/door.

Do you use chore charts for your kids? Or if your kids are older, did you find a system that worked well for your family? Please share as I’d love to hear what works/worked for you!


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