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Apparently not an April Fool’s...

Anyone get you with what you thought was an April Fool’s joke and then it wasn’t? Yesterday, a weather forecaster shared a video (on Facebook) with very poor audio saying that we had a chance of snow this morning. I honestly didn’t believe it. It was April Fool’s Day. The audio was horrible. It was in the low 70s one day last week. And it very rarely snows in April here in the Carolinas- excluding the higher altitudes such as Mount Mitchell which is highest point east of Mississippi River. I think I’ve only seen snow in April only when I lived in the mountains of NC- not when I’ve lived in the piedmont area. Well, guess what? Jokes on me because it wasn’t a joke and it’s SNOWING! Hoping my greenhouse stays warm enough so my tomato seedlings don’t die. Yet also hoping it’s cold enough to kill off some of the mosquitos. So, the weatherman was correct and it wasn’t an April Fool’s Joke but I still find it funny. Do you like April Fool’s or have a favorite April Fool’s Memory? What about snow- do you enjoy snow?

Stay Warm Friends,


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