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About that first farm animal(s)

Good evening y’all! So I know my last post was about us having chickens in the future for our first farm animals. And while yes, technically we had the eggs before today, we still don’t have chicks. Today we went and got us a pig- a 5 month old boar actually (male pig that can still produce offspring).

(He already found where the HVAC drips water and started his rooting to make a wallow)

His Dad was a Berkshire and Mom was a Large Black. So if we let him grow to full size, we may end up with a 500+ lb hog 😅. Poor thing wasn’t very used to people and not at all to dogs; however, by the end of the day he was tolerating Max well and was less skittish around us + the kids. Max is still learning that 1. the pig is not prey and 2. the pig does not want to play.

(Our second cuddling/laying on Max while they look at the pig)

Hoping by the end of the week, everyone is a bit adjusted to each other and that the pig will be more settled in. And no- we haven’t named him. Our older 2 girls wanted to name him “Runty” but Dan vetoed that and joked about the name “Turkey” but toddler just called him “Piggy”. So who knows what/if we will end up naming him. I’ll keep you posted on that. Also, if you follow us over on Facebook, you will have seen a couple videos of me candling some eggs. I will try to share some photos from that over here. I may try to candle them again one more time before the eggs go into “lockdown”- I think Friday? As of 2 days ago, we had 21 active chick embryos and 3 duds. Anyways, just thought I’d update you on the happenings here at our little and growing farm. Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to kick off into a new week (looks like a beautiful forecast for us this week).


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