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So much to catch up

Have you ever had a season in life where you felt like you couldn’t quite catch your breath? Like you were just putting one foot in front of the other and had to trust God to take the reigns?


That’s how it has felt for us for the past several months as a family. We haven't done much with the farm or renovations lately. The plan was to start replacing the foundation in October. However in September, Dan and I both felt uneasy about it and told the subcontractor that we wanted to wait for the New Year. And all I can say is that was wisdom and divine intervention. You see, I haven’t updated much because Dan was unexpectedly laid off from his job on October 6, 2019. Prepare for a long winded post and I’ll fill you in on the details.

Thankfully, we had money that we had planned to use to renovate the farmhouse so we weren’t super concerned and knew unemployment wouldn’t last forever. We had a peace that the time off work, we would be fine. While he was out of work, we did have multiple illnesses so I’m thankful Dan was able to help manage those- especially the times that the toddler had a fever (she has a history of febrile seizures and had 3 of them in November). Anyways, part of Dan’s time off, we spent cleaning out one of the bigger barns (I’ll have to remember to share pictures soon!). Other parts he spent looking for a job. While looking for a job, he also built a business plan for a local business. You see, the week before he got laid off, a local tractor business closed its doors. So Dan in passing joked to his Dad, “You want to buy a tractor company?” Well, the following week after being laid off, his Dad turned the question back to Dan. So they saw a car outside the business and stopped in and talked with the former owner of 29 years.

Dan started a new job January 2nd. We were thankful for the work but it was an hour to an hour 15 min drive each way, five days per week. The goal was to eventually work part time from home. However, he continued to pursue the tractor business and talking with his Dad and the owner, companies that had worked with the business in the past, other companies, etc. Dan shared with the owner of his job as well as the friend who helped him get that job the possibility of owning a tractor business. The combination of long commutes, shifts, and working to put together a new business resulted in Dan being away from the home for 85+ hours each week with only having Sunday off for family time. Well, as of last month, he and his Dad ended up purchasing the tractor business and they reopened it this past Monday. Due to staffing needs at the tractor business, Dan gave his notice to his regular job for his full time position and then offered to go to part time consulting to continue to help them out.

So here we are. Today marks the end of 85+ hour weeks and the goals of starting to be more of a family again. To hopefully start our garden this week or at least seedlings as I should have started those a few weeks ago. To plan which animals we are going to bring this year to the farm. In the coming months, hopefully getting a gameplan for the farmhouse renovations. So stay tuned. I will update you on the few things that have happened at since we last gave genuine updates.

A few photos from last weekend’s shenanigans.

I hope that this fills you in on some of the craziness at our place. With 4 kids, I never expect it to be calm. However, with this new transition and Daddy/Dan home more, I hope and pray that it will be more calm and peaceful in our home.

~ Jenn

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